The Scientists Arrive!

We safely arrived and began our work on the RV endeavor while stationed at dock. So far there have been several meetings including the scientists and crew members so we can collaborate and discuss how best to achieve our scientific goals considering the technical logistics (I.e. Speed of the boat while collecting geophysical data, do we need to worry about losing our  equipment in a lobster trap, how best do we approach the hypothesized fault lines, ect.).  We may be delayed leaving port (scheduled tomorrow) because a critical component, the CHIRP, which provides an image of the seafloor and its subsurface, has arrived but fedex said they can’t find a worker who can get clearance to enter the shipyard until the morning. Hopefully we can calibrate it and still be able to leave by morning. Discovery came on board to film us prepping. Cecilia McHugh and a few others were interviewed about our expedition. Hopefully we depart for haiti tomorrow.

Below are a few pictures

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