A Successful Delivery

We reached the Bay of Port Au Prince around 4pm on Saturday. As we slowly approached, we made our way to the top deck to view our surroundings.  About a mile and a half from the coastline, buildings, homes, and some morphology came into view, as well as some hill erosion where landslides likely occurred.  Visually, the bay was very busy with large ships situated in all directions (including the red cross ship/hospital) and an occasional helicopter landing on one of the barges. It was almost an eerie experience as well  because despite this activity, the air was silent and the skies were hazy grey.  Although it was impossible to witness the true devastation that Haiti is experiencing, this grave ambiance reminded us of why we have come here.

The action has officially begun. After dinner we pulled up alongside  (bow to bow) a large ship (don’t know ship names so maybe someone else can ID for me) to unload our supplies for the Haitians. It was quite a scene. This boat was about 3X longer and about 2X the height of ours, making our boat feel small. The pictures provide a better description, but basically the large ship used their cranes to transfer the supplies from us to them. Next, they will pass along the supplies to another smaller boat which has full access to the ports. Later in the evening, 3 Haitians observers with geology backgrounds joined the Endeavor. They will help us survey and collect cores for the rest of the cruise.

My watch begins at 4am tomorrow morning, so to bed I go.

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  1. Grandma LaVerne says:

    I am amazed at all the things you are doing in you life! I am so glad I could view your experiences. It looks like exciting work.

  2. Dad Ryan says:

    Very interesting! You asked about the Navy ships. The picture here looks like it might be a LSD (Landing Ship Dock) or, if there is a helicopter platform on it, it could be a LPD (Landing Platform Dock) if I remember the nomenclature correctly. Hard to tell the size of that vessel. There are small ones and large ones of the same general design. All the amphibious warfare ships have a big ability to carry heavy equipment and have the cranes to go with that mission.
    Love, Dad

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