Reunion with the onshore geologists

Late this morning we began surveying using the side-scan sonar attached to the starboard side of the boat and flying the CHIRP beyond the aft (backside) of the ship. Now we have our first depiction of the subsurface from the CHIRP as well as some detail of the surface features from the side-scan up.  We are most interested in reflectors indicating recent changes in the subsurface (i.e, suture zones, sediment mass movement) which may pinpoint fault lines. Based on these features evdient in the CHIRP data, we have chosen areas to collect sediment, which will provide a more detailed record for recent seismic history in Haiti.

This afternoon, a group of geologists who have been working on shore met the Endeavor  where we were able to deliver some onshore surveying supplies. Pictures of this reunion are included.

3 Responses to “Reunion with the onshore geologists”

  1. your favorite father-in-law says:

    Hi Katie,
    I’ve been reading your updates. Interesting work you all are doing. Not that I understand much of it though. Aaron came for the weekend and it was great to see him. He and I went skiing yesterday.
    Stay well and enjoy the warm weather and the work. dad

  2. Patty V says:

    How about a few pictures of Katie? We would like to see you in action.
    So far I have seen 2, but one was taken away. It’s hard to brag at work when we can’t see you. OXOXOXO Patty

  3. Courtney says:

    Thanks for writing all the updates. It is very interesting to follow along what you are doing each day. I agree with Patty V! More pics of Auntie Katie needed! Taylor’s teacher may show your blog in her class and it would be neat for the kids to see you since they all met you for your Coral Reef presentation. Stay safe and keep the info coming! Love, Courtney

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