La Fin

After an evening filled with grab sampling (picture) and one last gravity core, we said farewell to our H aitian colleagues. However, as Roby and Steven will continue their studies of Haitian tectonics and Nicole’s role in the Bureau of mines necessitates further collaboration, it is not goodbye, but until we meet again.

Currently, we are surveying in the Baie de Saint Marc (picture), an area proposed for the rebuilding of Port-au-Prince. Based on our geophysical data, there are several steep inclines in coral reef complexes, however, further processing and analysis of data is required to further understand these implications. Marine terraces (picture) are very evident on land (uplifted fossil reefs in stair-like pattern) suggesting tectonic activity in this vicinity.

The Endeavor crew has been assembling waterproof floatable bags filled with food and fishing supplies, tossing them toward fishing boats as we sail by them. We also have some miscellaneous food items (apples, candy bars) on hand to toss to nearby fishermen.

Surveying will come to a completion this afternoon when we will begin our 3-day trek to Florida. Although we have successfully achieved even beyond some of our goals, this only marks the  beginning of our geophysical and sedimentological studies in Haiti. This expedition has allowed us to ascertain areas to focus future research efforts to best understand the geological history of Haiti’s Southern Peninsula.

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